I Need Your Help!

Have you ever noticed that portrayals of people with disabilities in the media (which are rare to begin with) usually focus on physical discrepancies and differences, rather than highlighting beauty as they do for able bodied models? I have. It bugs me. It’s like able bodied people are retouched to look more perfect and people with disabilities are retouched to look more…disabled. Continue reading


There’s a Dog for That

Last week, I went through the legally recognized types of working dogs for people with disabilities in the article, What Constitutes a Service Animal? (Edit: Thank you, Sarah, for saving me from my poorly punctuated fate.) If you’re not familiar with the laws regarding Service Animals, I’d strongly encourage you to read it before continuing, or you might wind up very confused. Continue reading

How Do You Do It?

Ask any Puppy Raiser for any organization what question he or she is asked the most; I’d be willing to bet my life and Bright’s that it’s something to the effect of, “How can you raise and love a puppy, then just give it away? I could never give them up!”

There have been about a thousand blog posts written and graduation speeches given that answer The Question, but I always enjoy hearing from individuals about what motivates them to keep doing what they do. Continue reading