Rub a Dub Dub

A pup in the tub!

About once a day, someone says, “Wow! Your dog is so beautiful!”

Guess what. That takes a lot of work. Continue reading


A World of Distractions

“Can I pet your dog?” It’s the million dollar question.

I’ll tell you what: if you’re uncomfortable talking to strangers, don’t get a Service Dog. I’m asked constantly if it’s ok to pet, and in between the requests, many people do it without asking at all.

Unfortunately, this is not a question with a consistent answer, so really, all you can do is ask. Continue reading

A Dog at the Diner?

People often ask, “Where can you take your dog?”

The answer: Pretty much anywhere I can go, with a couple of extremely rare exceptions.

Public access for Service Dogs is protected under a number of federal laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Fair Housing Act, and the Air Carriers Act. Individual states sometimes have more specific laws and provisions, too.

At the very least, under the ADA, any establishment that serves the public, including public transit, must allow service dogs. When I get on the train or airplane, so does my dog. If I stay at the Ritz Hotel, so does my dog. If I have dinner at a tiny mom and pop malt shop, so does my dog.


Well, she wouldn’t actually have dinner there, but we’ll address etiquette another time. Continue reading

Why do you need that dog?

Yes, I really do have to answer that question on a pretty regular basis. Sometimes it’s even followed with, “She pulls you? Can’t you push yourself?”

Wait. Wait a darn minute.

In my sans-Bright moments, I’m often asked, “Don’t your arms get tired pushing your wheelchair all the time? Why don’t you have handles?”

So which is it? One half of the peanut gallery thinks I’m being lazy for using a dog for propulsion; the other half thinks I should get handles and let another human be responsible for my mobility. Continue reading