International Assistance Dogs Week

Hello, and welcome to International Assistance Dog Week! Did you know there’s a week for almost anything? This week is also World Breastfeeding Week…

For Bright and me, every day is Assistance Dog Day, but it’s great to have a designated time to raise general awareness. There are events happening all over the country┬áthat are aimed to help people understand the importance of working dogs.

What about the international part, though? I thought it would be fun to research some organizations outside of the US that provide service dogs to folks in need. Continue reading


A Dog at the Diner?

People often ask, “Where can you take your dog?”

The answer: Pretty much anywhere I can go, with a couple of extremely rare exceptions.

Public access for Service Dogs is protected under a number of federal laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Fair Housing Act, and the Air Carriers Act. Individual states sometimes have more specific laws and provisions, too.

At the very least, under the ADA, any establishment that serves the public, including public transit, must allow service dogs. When I get on the train or airplane, so does my dog. If I stay at the Ritz Hotel, so does my dog. If I have dinner at a tiny mom and pop malt shop, so does my dog.


Well, she wouldn’t actually have dinner there, but we’ll address etiquette another time. Continue reading