Introducing: Sidekicks

Last week, I asked for your participation in a project that my friend Melanie and I are working on. As of that post, we had a broad vision of what we wanted to accomplish, no name, and the only progress we’d made was that we’d made a secret Pinterest Pinboard. That’s essential, I’m told.

Today, I’m happy to say that we have a name, a photoshoot under our belts and several more in the works, a web domain, and an elevator pitch, albeit shaky at the moment, and also subject to change. Apparently elevator pitches are also essential. Continue reading


I Need Your Help!

Have you ever noticed that portrayals of people with disabilities in the media (which are rare to begin with) usually focus on physical discrepancies and differences, rather than highlighting beauty as they do for able bodied models? I have. It bugs me. It’s like able bodied people are retouched to look more perfect and people with disabilities are retouched to look more…disabled. Continue reading