I’m Alex, and my CCI Service Dog is Bright.

As a Service Dog user, I know there’s a huge gap in public education about the roles and rules for them. Help On Four Legs is here to help start filling that gap. I’m available for presentations and interviews (you can check one out here) and can always do my best to field any questions you might have. I’m not a lawyer, though, so my advice shouldn’t be taken as legal counsel. If you’re looking for that, you should look for someone with a law degree that specializes in disability law.

I’m a freelance writer based in San Jose, California. See some of my personal work and find out how to hire me.


This blog is not affiliated with Canine Companions for Independence, and the views and opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of CCI as an organization. For official information about CCI, how to apply for a dog, and how to become a puppy raiser, click the link on the left for CCI.

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow it’s great to find a blog like yours! I am disabled with a physical disability and hope in future to get my own assistant dog. I have been to my local training classes for these special dogs. They have completely inspired me and I realise how much they change life’s.

  2. Hi Alex,
    I read an article on yahoo today which led me to your blog. I think you and Bright are on my Caltrain commute. Liked reading about how people approach you, your friends and husband respond. Bright is an adorable looking dog too!


  3. Hey!
    I think it’s great that you are trying to educate the public on Service Dogs and etiquette. I am currently a puppy sitter for Guiding Eyes – GEB, (I’ll be a raiser when I get my puppy in January!!) And I must say most people really don’t get that it isn’t appropriate to just run up on a dressed service dog. I once had to yell at a girl on campus 3 times and back away before she finally just got pissed and move on. I can’t image how hard that must be for someone who is unable to remove themselves from such situation as easy. Also love the whole thing about leashes. Not knowing what an unleashed dog might do when it is running at you and SOMEONE ELSES puppy is very frightening when you have to pick them up hoping that the other dog isn’t coming over to have your puppy as a snack. Keep up the good work!!

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