An Introduction to Things to Come

Yeah, get excited.

Over the course of the two years I’ve been partnered with Bright, I’ve noticed a major gap between my expectations of business owner knowledge regarding service dogs and the education that’s available to them.

A few weeks ago, Bright and I had dinner with a bunch of Puppy Raisers and their pups at a steakhouse, and the manager stopped by to ask us how our meals were. During our chat, she mentioned that our dogs were so much better behaved than many of them that come into the restaurant, and that she, as a manager, doesn’t feel like she has the right to do anything about it when a dog is out of control. She also said that she thought she could be sued simply for asking if a dog is, in fact, a service dog. I was really surprised.

As it turns out, I’ve been operating under the flawed assumption that business owners know the laws and their rights. When I’m told I can only sit on the patio outside a restaurant because I have Bright, I get defensive and assume that I’m dealing with someone who doesn’t like dogs and they’re manipulating the law to get what they want. But if the steakhouse manager was as ill-informed as she was, I bet she’s not the only one.

If I’ve learned anything through my partnership with Bright, it’s that the answer to most problems is education, which is really what Help On Four Legs is all about.

So starting this week, I’ll be creating some resources that can be shared as needed, to help ease the issue of misinformation and the altogether lack of good information. You can expect to see material addressing the different kinds of working dogs, what their rights are by law, what the rights of business owners are, and whatever else comes up in the comments and emails I hope to receive from you!

If you have questions or need clarification on anything I produce, please don’t hesitate to comment or email

Always feel free to share these posts; just be sure to link to the blog!


2 thoughts on “An Introduction to Things to Come

  1. Excellent idea, Alex. I often get asked by law enforcement professionals about the rules of access and service dogs. Thanks for doing this.

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