Hot Dog

Welcome to a series of posts I’ll do whenever I have an entire day to devote to creating an infographic. (Seriously, it’s my first one and I worked on it for like 9 hours, so please, be kind.)

There are two things going on here: (1) I’ve been looking for an excuse to practice design and illustration and (2) It’s summer and a lot of dogs get hurt when we take them out and about.

“Hey, Bowzer, wanna go for a car ride?”

Though it’s a question asked out of enthusiasm to be near a beloved pet, it often leads to dangerous and even fatal situations.

I scoured the web for a source that could tell me how many dogs die from heat stroke in hot cars every year, but sadly, no one keeps track. Every source I found simply said thousands. The stories are tragic and 100% preventable.

Read some of them here, here, and here.

As the weather warms up, raise awareness of doggy heat stroke by sharing this neat-o graphic! (Click to see a bigger image.)


11 thoughts on “Hot Dog

  1. I see this every single summer. Some poor dog is stuck in the car with the window cracked just a tiny bit. I’ve seen children left in cars like this as well. Every single year people are stupid all over again.

  2. I saw a man leave dogs in his car at a job site I was at. Turned out he was selling them. Anyway, it was in the 90’s that day. I called the nearest animal rescue, who called the police. I think we should report any sighting of animals left in cars.

  3. This is a great topic, Al, and another related topic is how people drive with dogs in their cars i.e.. no safety harnesses, crates or nets. Did people ever think about what happens to a dog if the driver slams on the brakes or gets into an accident? Dogs can be flung into front seats or through windshields just like humans. Perhaps you can research and write more about this in your blog. We always kept our pooch tethered to a seat belt when he was a pup with a dog restraint, and later kept him behind a specially designed dog fence for the back of the station wagon.

  4. Very nice, Al! You should ask the Humane Society if they would like to use it. Instead of paying for it, ask if they would post a link to your blog on their website.’might be a good way to drive traffic to your blog!

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