I have a FANTASTIC story for you all:

For Valentine’s Day weekend, Bryan, Bright, and I had a little staycation. We hadn’t gotten away from work since moving to California in late October, but the budget only allowed for so much so soon after the big move, so we took Friday off and had a really nice little weekend in San Jose.

Bryan’s accumulated about a gazillion Hilton Honors points through work, so we spent some and stayed at the Hilton downtown, just to get away from the nagging to-dos that would surely distract us from fun. Almost everything we did over the course of the weekend was because there was a Groupon or other special offer, and man, did we milk it.

We milked it this much:

On Saturday, we used a Groupon to Golfland USA, where we played 18 holes of mini-golf, then 50 credits in the arcade (and ate a super enormous “Thick Thick Thick Shake”).

Oooh, winnings!

When Bryan and I go to an arcade, we inevitably end up at this game called Mega Drop; for one credit, you get to hit a button that sends a rubber ball out of a chute and onto a rotating plate with different sized holes in it. Each hole is designated a certain number of tickets from 1 to Jackpot, and the bigger the number, the smaller the hole. You get the idea.


While we enjoyed our Cookie Dough Thick Thick Thick Shake and Bright sat quietly looking on, Bryan and I played 48 credits and earned about 150 tickets. I did the math – that’s about 3 tickets per ball. Not great. You can buy about two bags of Sour Patch Kids or one temporary tattoo with that, just to put it in perspective. With two credits left, we said, “Let’s have Bright play the last couple of credits!”

For credit number 49, I gave Bright the “Up” command and she fumbled around a little before actually stepping on the big red button. Then the ball dropped directly into the hole worth one credit. Ok, so at least she can aim. Good job, Bright.

Bright and Mega Drop.

Bright and Mega Drop.

Credit number 50. Here comes the pressure, Brighty Girl. I gave her “Up” and she landed right on the button. Improvement. The ball dropped out of the chute and directly into the one hole again.

Then it bounced out.

And it rolled and bounced around a bit.

Then it got stuck by the wall.

Then. It. Fell. Right. Into. Jackpot.


Can’t make this stuff up. Click here to see the video. Bryan managed to get it all!

Oooh, winnings!


Bright, enjoying the spoils of her arcade conquest.

8 thoughts on “Jackpot!

  1. uh-maze-n.
    i just came upon your blog. and have now read it from finish to start. such great insight for the non-sd public and for service dog teams.
    as a mom of an 8yr old autistic, anxious and epileptic son, we are currently awaiting a seizure response dog. we are excited about the changes coming to our home, and the prospects of having another set of eyes and ears to help our son sleep safely at night.
    i will follow your blog and eagerly await new posts; using you as an exemplary model of how to conduct ourselves when faced with stares and questions of why we don’t ‘look’ like we need a service dog 🙂
    thank you VERY much for your writing, alex.
    kellie b.

    • Hi Kellie! I’m so happy that you’ve decided to get a dog for your son. Along with the struggles that you’ll face, you’ll see that a furry friend can be a huge social catalyst for folks who have a tough time. Your son is going to benefit immensely from this extra support. Please never hesitate to write with questions or to share your stories.

  2. Way to go Bright! But what really stands out for me is the wonderful post from Kellie b, because of the great blog you’ve begun and the hope and help it brings to others. Thanks, Alex, Bright & Bryan!

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