Getting Ready for Hurricane Sandy


East Coasters! You’re in for quite the storm! For those of you with pups closer to the action, I just read an awesome tip on Facebook from my CCI pal Nancy.

In your go bag, don’t forget your pup’s meds and Muttlucks/booties (in case you have to cross any floodwater that may have sharp debris in it). May also want to consider a break away flat collar (e.g., the KeepSafe Break-Away Flat Collar) that will free your dog in case he gets caught on something and can’t free himself.

In addition, I’d suggest these items:

– At least a week’s worth of food
– Quick Stop powder
– Identification
– A current photo, in case you become separated
– Important vet records
– Phone numbers for emergency vets

My hope is that none of you are forced to evacuate, but in the case that you are, be safe!

Do you have any other tips?

7 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Hurricane Sandy

  1. If possible, a gallon of water from home. Some of my pups have had a very hard time adjusting to different water sources – you could mix the home water with other water for a few days to acclimate your dog to the new taste/smell. Also, don’t forget a favorite toy/bed/blankie & kennel!

  2. great information. from fla with numerous hurricanes, and a retired army combat soldier, be prepared. thanks for sharing. also, just want to add a couple of items, if lose power and or water, prepare a couple buckets of water for the toilet, freeze a 2 liter bottle of water, ice cubes in a bag. the frozen water and cubes will melt down for drinkable water for both you and your service dog.

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